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Our E.A.S.E. Model

The Child Loss Center Inc. created the E.A.S.E. model to help parents and families who grieve.

"Ease" as a verb means to "move carefully or gradually."



We empower parents and families who have experienced child loss by sharing holistic healthcare services including yoga, mental health counseling, and expressive arts and sibling loss groups.  We also offer activities to assist with expressing grief and mail care cards to grieving parents.



We are intentional about advocating about child loss by raising awareness, strengthening research, and encouraging policies for effective care.



We desire to be a community of support for grieving parents and families and for providers and organizations who support those who have experienced child loss. We continuously add to our database and network of resources to make worldwide connections.



We provide education on matters of child loss via professional trainings, community forums, speaking engagements, and publications.

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