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Providers for Child Loss

This is a list of providers across the country who are dedicated to providing diligent care to families who have experienced child loss.  If you would like to add a provider who is well-informed and who provides caring services, please contact us with the necessary information. If you notice a provider listed who displays poor service, please also contact us to let us know. These providers are shared as a courtesy and are not affiliated with services provided by the Child Loss Center.


U.S. physical health emergency

Dial 911

U.S. mental health emercency

Dial 988

Family Support

Shemika Whiteside

Zora's Cradle

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Phone: (502) 830-9460


Medical Care and Support

Cumming, Georgia, USA
Phone: 770-889-8302

Dr. Sonyini Hawkins

Fibroid and Pelvic Wellness Center of Georgia

Peachtree Corners, Georgia, USA
Phone: 678-580-1736

Mental Health Providers

Dr. Kristy Christopher-Holloway / Tamara Hunter

New Vision Counseling Center

Douglasville, Georgia, USA
Phone: (678) 838-8333

Kimberly Mossman

Mossman Play Therapy Center
Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA
Phone: (781) 277-3131 ext. 500

Drs. David & Donna Lane

Cody Lane Foundation

Lilburn, Georgia, USA
Phone: (770) 845-8130

Keisha Wells

Keisha Wells, LPC
Columbus, Georgia, USA
Phone: (762) 822 - 7858

Additional Providers



Ayurveda Coaches

Bereavement Specialists


Doulas (full spectrum/postpartum/bereavement)

Lactation Specialists

Massage Therapists


Naturopathic Professionals


Obstetrical/Gynecological (perinatologist)

Pediatric physicians

Postnatal nurses



Physical therapists (stretch and pelvic floor)

Reiki Specialists

Support Groups

Yoga Teachers (perinatal)

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